Thursday, August 25, 2016

#NoDAPL Stop the Dakota Access Pipeline

#NoDAPL  #NoDakotaAccess #Stand4StandingRock

Stand for Standing Rock
By Lynne Colombe

Mitakuyapi, le miye ZiZiWin.  Hello my relatives, I am Yellow Woman.  I have never used that name, "Yellow Woman," in writing.  It was a name that my great-grandmother, Carrie Roubideaux-Bordeaux, gave to me because I did not have "an Indian name."  She gave me her name because I am an identical twin; and I was born jaundiced.  And, because that was her name, so she gave it to me.

There was no ceremony, no feather placed in my hair, no kiss upon my forehead.  My great-grandmother and great-grandfather on my mother's side were the only grandparents on that side I would ever really know.  My maternal grandmother passed away when my mother was only 15 years old; and my material grandfather lived out of state and had a different family.

I think of my childhood as "peculiar" in many ways.  First, because I am 1/2 White and live on an Indian Reservation; and secondly, because I am 1/2 Indian living in one of the most racist and discriminatory places in the United States that you could live.  I know this; because I have lived elsewhere, and no place like Wal-Mart in Pierre, South Dakota can ever let me forget... that my skin is a shade darker than theirs.

I didn't want to forget that I was Sicangu Lakota, but as a young kid I wanted to "get the hell out of South Dakota and go live somewhere a million miles away;" so I have lived in Colombia South America, just to make sure and get as far away at least once in life.  I came back.  I have lived a number of years in Tucson, Arizona.  I came back.

When you are from "the Rez," you will always, "come back," or "go home," or "Come down there" (even when you live South and are travelling North).  When you are from the Rez, you usually return to the Rez often; because its like being Amish (but they let you come home)... For both cultures, your way of life is there, only your religion is there, and only your family is there.  It is pretty homogenous and easy to see how you would want to return from time-to-time and remind yourself why you are so distinct from others in the Pan-USA; but so very much the same as everyone in the small town you return to.

So, I've been home here in the Rosebud for three years.... THREE YEARS (OMG)!  I have not lived on this Reservation for 3 years straight since I was 21 years old.  I used to do like 10 months of a teaching year and BOUNCE!  But, with my father getting older, my baby sister recently passing (with my nephew in her arms), and having been given a house here by my father.... well, here I am. 

I decided last Spring to try to do something different with my life.  Then, my little sister passed away, so a whole month went by in a blurr until BOOM!  Pipeline.  Camp.  Oh! My Tribe!  They were going to Cannonball, ND!

So, I jumped into the "Fight for the Water," because I had willing hands and an open mind.  The water that I want to help save is the Missouri River; because it flows in or out of every natural standing watershed, river, stream, dam, lake, etc on our Reservation.  I cannot begin to imagine the devastation to our people if our waters are polluted.  Our people eat the fish they catch, the deer they shoot, and the birds they hunt.  These animals eat and drink from the water.  There is NO WAY our people can be subjected to those toxins in our soil and water.  Most of the cows in America drink from the Missouri tributaries as well, so if you eat beef, you are going to eat tar sands if the Dakota Access Pipeline is allowed to drill into the Missouri River Basin and flood plains.  All we have to do is search on the Internet "Canada" "First Nations" & "Tar Sands" to see our future if we let Dirty Tar Sands Pipeline through our lands - ANY of our lands! 

PLEASE REMEMBER - You cannot drink oil.  There is no by-product from tar sands oil except TOXINS.  It takes too much water to filter the toxins and there is no where for poisoned water to go.  Please!  Keep our generations alive!  Keep us cancer free!  Save our WATER!  #uncimaka  #BigSiouxB4BigOil

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  1. I recognize so many parallel experiences through your blog entry. I have wondered at the level of fear and discrimination against Natives in SD my whole life. I moved away for 20 years, came back for 10 and left again as it seems no one had changed or evolved. Living life as "mostly white" but registered on the Rosebud has informed many of my decisions. I am grateful you returned! Lynne, you and I are cousins, though distant, because of shared ancestors but also because of shared experience. Thank you!


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