Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Native American Response to Obama Inauguaration

Inspirational! Spiritual and connected to we, the People!

I have found a new leader. I am very serious to talk about such a thing. I will send Obama his first eagle feather as president (someone better beat me to it!). I want someone to make up an Obama pow-wow song. Let's sing this phrase from his song:
The people of America must have a "willingness to find meaning in something greater than ourselves."

I believe this in my heart - this meaning beyond ourselves. For me, I want to be a leader for my own peoples so that we will continue as a people. This is my deep belief, way beyond myself. This has made most of my personal relationships fail, this desire to do something with my academic and professional life... to never be satisfied with just anything, or accepting a "no," when I know it must happen.

But this is Obama's day. And I praise his man's ability to be strong, intelligent, eloquent, and give us all hope. America needs hope.

It is a joke on the Rosebud Rez and across other Native American reservations right now that we do not feel the pressure of the bad economy because, "The economy on the reservation has always been bad, and we have always suffered, and so it doesn't really matter to us."

And at the end of the punchline, we laugh. Because comic relief in the midst of the greatest crisis, is really what the Native American has to see oneself through. We don't laugh when we get home and face our struggles.

Obama also talked about "imaginations joined for a common purpose." Join my imagination here. Join my blog and watch me grow... I might be president of my tribe someday! Read some of my up and coming novel excerpts on our site! It will be out of sight!

My reaction of Obama - very emotional. I feel like I finally have hope as a Native that given the chance, we will, along with the African-American people, rise from the ashes.

Obama! Mitakuye Oyasin (We are all related.) You walk a good road for all of us. Pilamaye (Thank you!) Lila Waste (Very Good!)

And, one final note - I like what the prayer said at the end of the ceremonies, "Let the Red Man, Get Ahead Man!" AMEN!

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