Monday, July 15, 2013

In Memory of My Angel

My Lakota Angel Girl

Thoughts of the rippling pain,
that brought you into this world,
does no justice --
cannot compare --
to living without
my Lakota angel girl.

Sole survivor am I,
to the memory of holding you,
through the tears --
I let you go --
into the ground
sad, sad moments few.

Once I dreamt of you,
and I held your tiny hand,
o'er a bridge --
into the light --
I sensed your need
to have your mother again.

Our relatives keep an angel,
we stranded on earth just couldn't do,
ne'er goodbye --
only silent cries --
held inside my chest
where I fore'er hold you.

In memory of Elza Jean, my daughter, born/reborn on July 16, 2005

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