Friday, January 8, 2016

New Novel Excerpt (Unassigned dialogue in new novel, Interviews with a Half-Breed Baby Killer)

Copyright Lynne M. Colombe
January 2016

Warning:  Explicit Content/Mature Audiences Only

From an Interview with "Biggie," from my new novel, Interviews with a Half-Breed Baby Killer

ME:  Biggie, you don’t know how it is.  It sucks, I mean my parents put so much pressure on me.  Being Native, and trying to get my degree –

BIGGIE:  Pressure, what pressure?  To fucking do something with your life?  Screw you, hey, coming up here to the federal penitentiary women’s camp telling me YOUR PROBLEMS?  Holy shit, were you born stupid or some shit?  I’m in here for LIFE!  This ain’t no damn Girl Scout Camp, this is some real shit!  So, take your cookie cutter bullshit problems and call Diane Sawyer okay?  Tell that bitch, because she’s the only one who cares about your “Hidden America,” bullshit. 

ME:  Biggie, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to offend you.

BIGGIE:  It’s alright, but you got to understand that we ain’t kids no more and it ain’t like we are equals or some shit.  You are a civilian, I am a convicted killer.  So don’t come in here with your pasty ass talking about what your life is like, or how something out there bothers you.  This is to talk about my life, my shit, and what happens to me behind these concrete walls.  And you are here to listen, record that, and scribble this shit all down later so I can read it, okay?  Because maybe, ‘Cuz, you will end up helping me.

ME:  I can see that.  I will share things with you as I get them transcribed.

BIGGIE:  You better, too.  Let me paint myself out to be who I am, and hold on to your paintbrushes, because you ain’t heard shit yet.

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