Friday, December 30, 2016

Imposed Silence

Stream of Consciousness Writing 12/30/2016

by Lynne M. Colombe

What do you do when your pen
has been quiet for too long;
When you let someone steal your thoughts
     and force you to abandon your feelings
     onto unmarked library catalog cards
all in the wrong drawers
overfilled and unorganized?
- Obsolete

When you can't sing; but you know the song
and want to
The sheet music slides through your fingers
and blows away.
Chasing it, you catch it;
     only to unearth that
it was blank and the lyrics are
     a scribble about a memory
That nobody but you
     can understand.

Its the chapter you read,
in a book you ignored
     too long;
reading the same paragraph
     over and over
making sense nowise;
     but you keep reading -
Absorbing nothing at all.

The conversation that stalled before
anything was said at all;
     fear upholding
the lock of words behind my mouth -
     ideas and thoughts confined
behind clenched teeth and fists -
Fighting to be free.

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